How do you know the size and shape of dining tables to choose from? Whether you’re moving to a new home or adding a new member to your family, here are some practical guidelines to help you choose the type of dining table you’d need.

Circle Table-if you entertain guests at home for a long time or have a really varied number of people in your dining area, a flexible circle table is your best choice. For a small group, it’s intimate enough and can easily be converted into a buffet area if you’re throwing a party at home.

Square Table-square dining tables are perfect for a small dining room. The table’s lines can help make the room look bigger. Also ideal for couples or bachelor pads are square dining tables. Square dining tables can also be easily adapted to changing looks and themes, making them ideal if you often like to change the interior decor.

Rectangle Table-the most common form of dining table is usually found in children’s homes. Usually the table also becomes a place for games and crafts, so there is an advantage in the wide area. The rectangle table can accommodate the entire family easily so that eating time can also become a bonding experience for parents and their children.

Oval Table-the elegant oval table belongs to a large dining area, a home that usually hosts a party of important or dear guests. Oval tables are best if you have a lot of parties during special holidays, as these dining tables can withstand the heavy weight of many dishes and restaurants.

Whatever shape you choose to get, you should always make sure you choose a sturdy table made of good solid wood that not only looks classically beautiful, but will last through years and decades of meal times as well.

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