Have you ever had a problem at your dining table accommodating all of your guests? If so, you should try to get a large-diameter round dining table. One of the most commonly produced and used tables is the 60-inch round dining table. Probably this kind of table is just what you need to get that extra guest room.

The Dimensions.

The expression 60 round dining table, as we explained, refers to the fact that these tables have a diameter of 62 inches. That means there are nearly 16 feet around these tables. For a dining table, this is quite a size. It allows you to comfortably seat 6 people, and maybe even squeeze in someone else or two. In addition, many of these tables are fitted with additional leaves designed to fit into the table and expand their size. Usually you can fit in one more person with one of those leaves, and with two, two more people. Therefore, a regular 60-inch dining table with two leaves can accommodate up to 10 people. As you can see, having a round dining set is a very convenient way to have a table that is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people, but small enough to fit in most dining rooms without taking up too much room.

The base for a round dining table of 60 inches.

These tables ‘ size requires the use of a base larger and stronger than most round tables. For this reason, for a 60-inch round dining set, certain pedestal styles are not available. There are still a wide variety of styles, however, and they are looking for these tables ‘ pedestals. For these tables there are designs such as simple country design, mission design, shaker design, and even some modern designs. And with both the single and double pedestal versions, you can find them. You can also add legs to your 60-inch round dining table. However, this may be somewhat of a problem, as this will usually mean you need to add a square skirt under the table to which the legs are attached. This will change the table’s look and make it probably less stylish. Another base option, which is considered to be a basis of contemporary style, is designed as a mixture of ordinary legs and a trestle. What this means is that the legs go down the table’s edges and are then joined by a shelf. The legs are divided once more under the shelf and go to the ground at an angle. There are plenty of possible bases for these tables, so look around and you’ll find one that suits you.

Whatever base you choose, you should consider getting a 60-inch round dining table if you want a customizable, yet stylish dining table.

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